Art Meets Science - Episode 1

Art Meets Science - Episode 1

Fossils are, by definition, what remains of an animal or an organism of the past. Each fossil has always a little story to tell, which is the most interesting part of the job of a palaeontologist. However, palaeontologist always encounter obstacles: from the fossil found in the sea bed, you can imagine a myriad of scenarios and it is never quite easy to go back in time and accurately find the animal or the organism that corresponds to it.

Once all the research and the scientific studies have been made, palaeontologist need to turn into paleo artists: with some imagination and an artistic touch, they can finally reproduce and show the discoveries to the public.

The result is the picture you see above: ROM magazine has commissioned many original art pieces from the most talented paleo artists in the world, such as Danielle Dufault, the artist of the painting in the cover of this Episode. Part of the joy of her job, said Dufault, is that she gets to help the public revel in the mystery of what these animals might have looked like.

Would you be curious to see more pictures like this or possibly hang one of them on to your house wall?

Here are two other artworks showing dinosaur reproductions made by this amazing paleo artist.

At Wallector, we are excited to start a new series where Art meets fields such as Science, Politics, Medicine and Journalism. Let us know your feedback: do you have any interesting ideas you would love to share with the world?