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Wallector opens the doors to the PROMOTION OF CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS by offering an exclusive package of international multi-level services.

Benefits for Artists

  • Introduction of the Artist’s profile to the International Art Market
  • Assured visibility at international level
  • Access to the world’s most important Art Markets, such as U.S. and China, with further diversification in leading countries in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East
  • Enhanced presence on the most popular Social Networks through Wallector’s social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many others)
  • Access to the world of e-commerce, by listing your works within an e-commerce platform connected with all the main payment channels (credit cards, Paypal and many others)
  • Turn-key solution with full outsourcing / management of logistics, permissions, customs, customer care
  • Your name listed in Wallector’s Contemporary Art section, alongside the leading artists of the 20th and 21st centuries

Obligations? No, only opportunities

Wallector does not want exclusivity or other specific commitments from you besides that of not selling any of your works present on Wallector’s e-commerce platform through other channels.

Contact us and select the formula that best suits you from the many options available: you can choose the number of works you want to exhibit, the length of your exhibition, opt for an optional personalized advertising package, and decide on the countries you are most interested in as well as any Marketplace partner platforms you wish to be featured on, besides Wallector.

Some of Wallector’s features you’ll be accessing to

  • More than 48.000 collectors and dealers already in contact with us, from more than 40 countries
  • 20 e-commerce portals and marketplaces linked to Wallector, or offering Wallector’s products
  • Monthly advertising campaigns in over 20 countries

Contact us if you are an artist who would like to get involved in this collaboration to sell your artworks on!


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