Danza di scheletri

Danza di Scheletri  is an original lithograph realized by Italian artist  Carlo Carrà  in 1944.

Signed, the edition of 55 copies by editor La Conchiglia Milano.

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Danza di Scheletri is an original lithograph realized by Italian artist Carlo Carrà in 1944.

Signed in the plate, from the series Arthur Rimbaud - Versi e Prose .

Signed, the edition of 55 copies by editor La Conchiglia Milano.

In excellent conditions. 

Included a wooden frame with glass.

This lithograph is representing three skeleton dancing, referring to the theme of life and death.

Carlo Carrà (1981-1966),
was an Italian Painter and a leading figure of the Futurist movement that flourished in Italy during the beginning of the 20th century. In addition to his many paintings, he wrote a number of books concerning art. lived through and participated in all the avant-garde art movements of the 20th Century, from Futurism (the futurist phase lasted 4-6 years) to metaphysical art, and from the Novecento Italiano movement to the Valori Plastici experiment. “ For the spirit, there exist no contradictions only transformations and developments. Changing direction in art does not mean rejecting the past but broadening it so that it melds with another aesthetic concept; it means discovering new and hitherto unknown relationships, and opening one’s eyes wider, the better to grasp a greater number of different realities. ” So did the artist explain his “ chameleon-like ” transformations in 1942, after having, through long experience, found his own, autonomous style, while at the same time keeping up with the most recent trends in European painting and renewing the Italian figurative tradition. In 1928, he exhibited 14 paintings at the Venice Biennale , and in 1931 he had his own room at the first Rome Quadriennale. In 1933, he signed the "Manifesto della Pittura Murale" . Between 1934 and 1938 he traveled to Campania, Algeria and Malta, devoting himself to a series of large murals.



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