Ice Point

"Ice Point" is an original lithograph realized by James Rosenquist for the XIVth Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1983.

More Information
Artist James Rosenquist
Typology Original Prints
Technique Serigraph
Year 1983
Editor No
Image Dimensions (cm) No
Dimensions (cm) 84.5 x 63
Subject Portraits

Ice Point is an original lithograph realized by James Rosenquist for the XIVth Olympic Games in Sarajevo in 1983.

It represents a face with some geometrical red decorations and light blue points that would symbolize the snowflakes. It has been realized for the Ice Olympic Games of Sarajevo.

James Rosenquist (Grand Folks, 1933 - New York, 2017) is considered the historical founder father of "Pop Art" with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He investigates the world of cinema, television and advertising, giving it a captivating but fragmented representation. This is a polychrome painting that exasperates de-contextualized details of trivial objects and thematic ideas that are part of our daily life. His paintings are characterized by the large format and the themes of the advertising world, which he was part of at the beginning of his career.

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